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About Us

We at Adam Raupp Painting offer you all of your decorating needs and more. There is no need to call in multiple contractors for your project, we will meet and exceed your expectations. I pride myself on our craftsmanship, and eye for detail. Whether you need a bathroom or your entire house painted, we treat your project like it is the biggest thing, because it is to you. We are not college painters, or weekend warriors looking to make some extra money. We are professionals with over 27 years experience, and care about only one job at a time, YOUR JOB. I take pride in the work we do, that's why my name is the company! Contact us for your next project, and I can guarantee you will be a returning customer.

A little about…

Who is Adam Raupp?

Adam Raupp didn't start out wanting to be a paint contractor, he started out wanting to be helpful. As friends and neighbors began to hear about how good he was at painting, those few and infrequent request to "Do a favor" turned into something that he could make into a business. Adam's attention to detail, and the ability to professionally separate interior walls in to two colors, or three colors with a border, and to make lines of separation, and even coats with just a paintbrush, no paint sprayers or special tools needed was remarkable. Now with a team ready to follow his example, all of the employees at Adam Raupp Painting are ready and able to take on all your painting needs.

Adam Raupp Painting started in 2010, because Mr. Raupp felt the standards and practices in the industry had sunk to an all time low. And that Workers aren't concerned with keeping a schedule, or being at your home on time. So we feel it is important to be prompt on the days we are scheduled for your job, because we know you have a busy day as well. It is important to us to leave your home as clean as possible during your project, no one needs to come home to a mess. Service, quality, and pride is what you are going to get with Adam Raupp Painting. After all, if we were ashamed of the overall way we did things we wouldn't put our name on it. That is why we decided to put ourself out there, we are a proud company!

Adam Raupp Painting

Why You Should Choose Us?

Personalized, Customer-Oriented Residential & Commercial Painting Service
Friendly, Skilled, and Experienced Contractors
Committed to Customer Satisfaction
Attention to Detail
Insured & Licensed
Prompt Project Completion
27+ Years of Industry Experience